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A future direction of Skål Asia
by Andrew J Wood, Vice President

29 June 2021

1. ✴️ Membership – Rebuilding our membership, open / reopen clubs, new clubs, new countries should be our focus. Our numbers have fallen back to 2009 when we had 2522 members and 39 clubs.

2. ✴️ Young Skål – Introduce YS to each club. All Asia clubs to sponsor 5 YS (total cost Euro 85 per club). This will introduce 220 new members to Asia and form a YS nucleus on which to build and develop.

3. ✴️ Admin and database (dB) management – With 20% of global Skål membership located in the Asian Area’s 43 clubs, this is a critical issue. An unpaid volunteer secretary cannot possibly dedicate enough time or resources to deliver professional, timely and accurate administration of clubs in 17 different countries. This needs to be effective and managed.

4. ✴️ Bank account – moving our account to Australia is not a long term fix. There are financial and legal costs associated with managing the account. We need a plan.

5. ✴️ Register the Association in Asia – this is long overdue and needs management and leadership.

6. ✴️ Membership Development – Offer each of the 5 National Committees in Asia a one time development grant of Euros 5,000 to grow membership at grass roots level in the clubs and to put funds back into the system. This has the added benefit of reducing our significant cash reserves (currently Euros 89k), which is a significant lump sum which brings with it it’s own challenges especially when we have to find our cash a new permanent home.

7. ✴️ Digital – It is vital we have an effective website it is 2 years since we have had a working website. We need a new position on the Asia board a dedicated Digital Marcom Director, to manage our website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, Zoom and Mailchimp dB.

8. ✴️ PR & Communications – We need a dedicated newsletter max 2 pages distributed electronically monthly. No articles but instead it needs to be punchy and informative.

9. ✴️ News – Develop a quarterly eMagazine max 6 pages and does not need to include stories on the individual Asia board members but needs to contain Skål Asia news to have wide appeal. It needs to be well written and professionally edited which will need a budget allocation.

10. ✴️ President Training – Do away with President meetings at the Congress replace with a Presidents boot camp where we teach ‘Presidents to be Presidents’ include sessions on how to run Skål clubs, finance, membership development and how to use websites and understand the workings of Skål Intl and Skål Asia incl awards and grants.

11. ✴️ Statutes and By-Laws review and revise. Ensure that the board represents a wide cross section of its members and limits (a maximum of 3) the number of representatives from one country in line with other Skål groupings.

12. ✴️ Succession Plan – In addition develop a SAA succession plan to ensure continuity at board level.

Andrew J Wood
Vice President Asia Skål
International Asia

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